Reviews & Testimonials

Below you will see some of the feedback we’ve gotten over the years from our clients. Have feedback for us? Click the following link and tell us what you think:

Dear David,

I cant tell you how you made my daughter feel so beautiful.  As a mother, I want the very best for my daughter.  Well let me tell you, every where we went they gave her only two or three dresses to try on.  Then they would disappear and some sales people never came back.  Not everyone is a perfect size.  Because my daughters a zero, nothing fit her right.  She always looked long and skinny.  I have no idea how you found the dress, the dress of her dreams and mine as well.  Thank you for the help with the cake person.

AnnMarie (from Davenport, IA)

Dear Complete Bridal,

Thank you for work on getting my groom in a tuxedo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You said, just because I’m having a beach wedding… don’t skimp on the gown, pictures last a life time!  Most of all, get your groom in a tuxedo!  You said he would mess up the photos were I’m in this fabulous gown had he’s in a shirt and slacks.  YOU WERE RIGHT!  I got him in a jacket!

Jessica Lynch (from Naperville)

Dear David,

A Friend told me about your store.  You made me feel so pretty and stress-free.  I hated trying on bridal gowns.  I wear pants to work every day.  I thought I would just die in a big puffy wedding gown. I left you store feeling glamorous and a bit sexy.  The day I was called when it came in was the scaryest day ever.  Was it going to fit, did I gain weight?  I was almost turning blue with fear.  Then I tried it on.  Just a bit tight, but beautiful.  Simply beautiful.  Now out to get a spank!

Hydie Rosenburg (from Schaumburg)

Dear Complete Bridal,

With only 6 months to go before my wedding and being 6ft tall,  I had not a minute to spare in finding the wedding gown i would love and that would fit!  I called Complete Bridal with one style dress in mind!  The consultant David was so personable i felt like i was talking to a friend about the style of gown i wanted.  He asked some questions to somewhat “size me up” and immediately researched 4 to 5 gowns that he thought i might look good in and this was over the phone!

I went to the store even though the gown i decided upon was not available for me to try.  I was so settled on one particular gown seen in a picture only that i ordered without seeing it.  David made me feel so comfortable about my choice and was extremely honest during the process.  He measured me and when my gown arrived it was near perfection!!!!  I was so happy. He went the extra mile and did an impromptu photo shoot so i could have a photo for my reception.  Even that turned out fantastic.  Honestly, i almost cannot believe that i went to one shop, had one consultant who advised me, measured me, ordered my gown, answered all my anxious phone calls and ended up being the same person who personally walked me to my car and put my gown inside.  I swear if i didn’t know any better i would have thought i was his only customer! That’s the level of personal attention he provided. Simply AMAZING!  Just like my wedding gown….AMAZING!


Valarie H. (from Chicago)

Dear David,

Was I your worst bride ever?  Thanks for the laughs!!!!  Had a Ball!  I looked hot in my gown! Thank you for all your help.

Bridezilla (from McHenry)

Dear Complete Bridal,

Had a blast!  Ordered my gown in December and I got it late June, just like David said.  The size was next to perfect.  Out of 11 bridesmaids, only two had to be taken in a bit.  I couldn’t be happier! Brandon found the perfect dress for my mom.  And that’s not an easy thing to do.  She’s very picky you could say.

Donna R (from Chicago)

Dear Complete Bridal,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my daughter feel so good about herself.  We had so much fun and you had so much for her to try on in her size.

Happy Mom (from Plainfield)

Dear Complete Bridal,

I loved the Complete Bridal Salon From the moment i walked in!  David was very honest and helped me pick out several wedding gowns, some to my specifications and others he thought i would like. I ended up picking out a gown he and my mom pulled.  I’ve never been so rushed and all the questions were thoroughly answered! Rosa does the alterations and did a wonderful job on my girls dresses and mine, and she practically redesigned my moms dress and it is completely gorgeous! i Couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful, stress free dress experience! Thank you to all of the wonderful staff there, I give them a 10!

Hillary (from Huntley)

Complete Bridal,

Thank you! Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Your staff was extremely helpful and I am so happy with my gown and the girls gowns as well.. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as you do and I will recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again for your help.

Jill Draper/John Shaw (from East Dundee)

Dear Complete Bridal,

We we’re looking for bridesmaid dresses.  Couldn’t of had a better time!  The Bridal Salon is fun.  Not like some of the others.  David and Brandon selected the gowns that best looked great on my girls.  Retail was 268.00 we got ours for 147.50 at Complete Bridal.

Jennifer (from Chicago)

Dear Complete Bridal,

Not everyone is a size 8!  Thank you for the time and attention!

Julie (from Aurora)