Shipping and Delivery


Shipping and delivery dates for ONLINE ORDERS will vary as follows:

Bridal: 3.5-6.5 months

Bridesmaids: 15-20 weeks

Social Occasion: 30-45 days

Quincy: 15-20 weeks

Bridal and Bridesmaids Order Process:

Congratulations and thank you for your purchase today at Complete Bridal.  We want you to know that we are very excited that you have decided to give us the opportunity to provide you with the most important Gown(s) that you will ever purchase. To make sure that you know what to expect from us going forward we want to provide you with what to expect going forward. In this way the stresses that can come from planning a wedding don’t have to include your bridal or bridesmaids gown arrangements. We want you to know that we will take care of your needs and that we share the excitement with you. So, here’s what to expect…


This is where it all begins. In order for us to process orders on bridal gown the manufacture requires a 60% down payment to process your order.  Though, if you were to pay your bridal gown in full your gown can be sent with others by air.  That process saves 14 days in transportation and 4 days in billing.  All Bridal Gowns with a balance have got to go through the standard means of shipping (see shipping/delivery information below). NOTE: Once an order is processed the ordered CAN NOT BE CANCELLED. The dress(es)  CAN NOT be returned to the manufacturer therefore, NO REFUNDS can be credited. 

*Bridesmaid’s orders:  To help alleviate an overabundance of inventory, stores are now requiring bridesmaids to pay in full. (e.g. wedding cancellations)

*Wedding Gown Cancellations: In the event that you decide to cancel your wedding or “fell out of love” with your gown, the manufacturer still requires the balance to be paid in full. There are no cancellations on any gowns once they accept our orders. In some cases once the balance is paid we can put a gown on consignment and attempt to sell the gown on the brides behalf. Turn around time on consignment sales is dependant on when a bride is in need of a wedding gown and if your gown meets that need. If your gown is on consignment for a period of 12 months or more you may request to pick up the gown and attempt to sell it on your own (consignment is no longer offered at Complete Bridal, as of 1/1/15).


Regular bridal gowns require 5.5 months to deliver, unless the order is in process during February/March.  The Chinese New Year is February 15th to March 15th.  If your gown requires a Chinese factory, brides need to add 30 days to the order.  (Example:  You buy your gown in September and the wedding date is in June of next year.  Count October, November, December, January, February, plus half of March would equal 5.5 months.  Being February and March is in the equation you must add a full 30 days to the delivery process.  All factories close for 30 days! )

*Couture Bridal gowns add 2 months to the above.  Couture gowns require 7.5 months to 8 months due to ALL couture gowns are made by order.   The shell could be made in China as the “outer- layer” is made in/at the parent country.  Italy, France, Australia, Spain all produce incredible collections that require Chinas input within the process now requiring two Ports and Customs.

*Bridesmaids require 5.5 months as well. For the manufacturer, each day of the week, gets a color assigned to it.  If your order is processed and confirmed after the “color-print-date” add 30 days to the order.  Once again, add 30 days if your wedding date will involve February/March.

*M.O.B./M.O.G Dresses require 3 to 4 months unless we are ordering a couture bridesmaid dress.  Then include 52 days.

*Prom Gowns are featured at Complete Bridal all year long.  Because we do ALL of the Military Balls, Pageants and sponsor our fabulous Mary Kay girls and their convention in Dallas, we make these gowns available year round.

Boats leave twice a month in January, February, March and April.  May-December it will leave ONCE A MONTH. If for any reason your order wasn’t ready in time do to production issues, and missed the boat, it will then be the first order for the next boat (15 to 30 days).

All dresses are shipped in a “Rail-Road” container, lifted on and off the boat.  (NOTHING IS TAGGED WITH A NAME UNTIL IT REACHES THE WAREHOUSE) Customs will take 1 to 4 days based on what is ahead of our vessel. If a gown has a balance it has to go to the warehouse in the United States to be tagged and invoiced (invoicing process can delay delivery).

Additional Shipping Costs (Rush order currently available for IN STORE PURCHASE ONLY):

Rush for bridal is $75.00 to $150.00 based on Bridal Gown Designer .

Rush for bridesmaids from $15.00 to $40.00 per-dress.  Bill Levkoff chargers a full $40.00 per gown.

*About your order:

Calling us about your order is never discouraged. We love chatting with our brides. However, the manufacture always tells us 3 to 4 months plus 52 days equal 5.5 months for delivery.  If your order includes a December/January add one full month and be patient. The industry standard is not to discuss shipping information with anyone because we and the manufactures are dependent on shipping product that requires Ports and Customs. Other stores send a card in the mail saying your package is in. We call all of our girls as soon as we receive word that your order is ready to ship to our store! We will then contact you to pay off the balance. Once the balance of your gown is fully paid the gown will be sent directly to the store and you will be contacted when it arrives to schedule a pick up time.

(As of August 1st, 2014 we can no longer give out shipping information over the phone!)

Remember: We do normally contact you once the gown is ready to ship to our store.