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Best in Bridal was a former show which featured our store. Episodes can be found on the link below.



Dave Gaffke runs Complete Bridal; a successful salon owned and curated by him and his all-male team. Down the street, Shelley’s Bridal, is an all-female, more traditional and no nonsense boutique managed by Dave’s competitor and former boss Shelley Murray. With an explosive rivalry between the two shops, viewers will see  their teams stop at nothing to be the Best in Bridal.

Best in Bridal currently aired Tuesdays on the FYI Network at 10pmET / 9pmCT. Check out some of the clips from our show as well as links where you can find out more about the show.


(Click above to find out more about the show or below to watch episodes)

 Best in Bridal Episode 1: Here Comes the Bride (on FYI)

 Dave and the boys try to find their bride the Bohemian look she’s always wanted. Shelley’s Bridal meets their newest employee and she gets a breakdown of the stores policies. The differences between the two shops are revealed.

Best in Bridal Episode 2: Bridal Beefcake (on FYI)

 An all-guys bridal store competes with an all-girls salon to be the Best in Bridal in a Sale Day showdown. Dave’s hot guys don spray tans and shirtless tuxedos to lure customers from the other shops traditional bridal salon. But the guys may have pushed the boundaries too far, as a mother of the bride disapproves when buff consultant Frank helps her daughter try on mermaid dresses.

Best in Bridal Episode 3: Monkey Business (on FYI)

The owner of the girls store and Dave may rave about their pet dogs but it’s a bride shopping for a dress with her monkeys that has everyone talking. At Shelley’s Bridal, bride Lisa’s high expectations come up hard against her low budget, while Frank wrangles a cougar.

Best in Bridal Episode 4: Too Sexy for the Dress (onFYI)

Complete Bridal owner, Dave relishes his victory when he secures one of the other stores designers but tempers flare when he confronts her about the past. The stores compete to find dresses for two very different brides; Egyptian bride Nora wants a dress with maximum coverage while sassy Erika wants a wedding gown she can rip off for a surprise first dance.

Best in Bridal Episode 5: All on the Line (on FYI)

Bride Jensine is looking to trade her army fatigues for a super sexy gown. At Bridal Market in Chicago, Dave tries to Shelley’s Bridal designers while Brandon, left holding the fort, struggles to hold his own against Tasha’s merciless bridesmaids.

Best in Bridal Episode 6: A Haunting in Dundee (on FYI)

Dave’s psychic abilities are revealed when a clairvoyant bride pays a visit. Dave sends the clairvoyant across the street to Shelley’s Bridal to cleanse the other salon of spirits while his staff finds a gown for a sorority girl.

Best in Bridal Episode 7: Fraternizing with the Enemy (on FYI)

When Dave’s boys can’t satisfy a picky customer, Dave sends the bride across the street for Shelley to deal with; Shelley’s love life finds itself in the spotlight when flirtations between Shelley’s Bridal and Complete Bridal begin to heat up.

Best in Bridal Episode 8: Fiance Fiasco (on FYI)

The boys at Complete Bridal must be on their best behavior when a bride brings her fiance to the appointment. The ladies at the Shelley’s Bridal must find a dress for a woman who is yet to be engaged. Dave and Shelley compete for traffic at the Bridal Expo.